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Coming soon to STEAM

Multiplayer JetPack-enabled Team-Based Capture the flag game in development. Each base's inventory stations can provide deployable turrets for customized base defense. Generators in each base power fixed base turrets and the inventory stations, so if it gets attacked go find a repair pack to get it running again! Videos and More

Terrain Runner VR

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Oculus and Android

Walk, Run, and Fly over endless terrain trying to follow the gem trail. Lines, circles, randomly generated, or record your own trails! Or free run across one of five environments.


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Windows & Android

Free ball bearing bounce & return physics game & simulator. Tinker in the simulator & alter gravity or mess with time! Add ball bearings, watch them bounce & click into the shiny plastic return tray! 18 game play levels of increasing difficulty and varying challenges. Move the bouncers or change gravity to bounce ball bearings into the catch tray in time! Videos and More


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Mine resources from near earth objects in real time 3D! Buy, sell, and trade your resources for fuel, ship & mining transporter improvements. Developed with just the right balance of realistic gravitational forces and arcade style controls in mind. Videos and More


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Pull back and aim your asteroid, then launch it towards the target! Use the gravity from planets and moons to guide your asteroid along the way!


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A free 80's style shoot-em-up inspired by classics like "Aquatron" and "Defender". Pilot your submersible starfighter day and night to battle alien enemies who have taken over a planet mostly covered in water.